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The one-woman team of 
Stella Tersteeg Consultancy

Where expertise, drive and passion meet

How it started

Stella Tersteeg Consultancy was founded by Stella Tersteeg as The Happy Women Company in 2021. The name changed but the plan never did: I want to help women navigate a highly demanding world. The why was there. The how was not.

I was still in the process of defining the latter when a large multinational reached out to me with an invitation. They asked me to give a keynote about women empowerment at work.


And so I did, in front of a group of 85+ staff, including high-level leaders and management. Its success encouraged me to develop this work. It was the start of the mission to inclusify the world of working women.


"But why only women?"

A question I get asked, a lot. My two-fold answer is always the same: "because by helping everyone, you help no one, and because there's nothing I am more passionate about than helping women.


The focus is on one group only, yet the impact is unlimited. The solutions I deliver affect entire teams and organizations. Creating a more inclusive work culture is a responsibility both men and women ought to carry.

My work results in positive changes within the workforce as a whole, even though my niche is female.

Relations & Rapport

An academic background in intercultural -and organizational communication and a true knack for people have given me the expertise to build strong relations and good rapport. 

They are the two pillars of my work and in line with my most prominent character traits. I believe that people make the culture they work in. And I've seen cultures change only when their people are open to it.

That is what excites me and the value I bring to your table.

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