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Approach & Solutions

Work with us to avoid major HR-related interventions and costs 

The approach

We don't believe in one-size-fits-all offers or fixed programmes. We understand the uniqueness of your business. Our collaborations start with an extensive intake to map out exactly what your company needs, wants and its current challenges. 

Consultation call

A quick alignment of objectives and expectations. Free of charge and with no strings attached.

Intake - 1/1,5hrs

Facilitated online or on location. In this in-depth meeting, we will match your needs and wants with our services.


We present the strategy we believe best meets the objectives. An interim step where we can make the necessary changes.


We take action. We'll frequently assess our progress. Thorough evaluations keep us on the right track.

Our solutions

Our solutions are developed in a way that we have maintained the flexibility to adept and amend them to best accommodate our clients. You know your organization best. We are the experts, you the specialist.

360° assessment

No research, no data. No data, no results. 


Large-scale interviews with staff of all levels will establish a detailed roadmap complete with all its obstacles that need to be tackled and solved.


  • What challenges do your female employees face?

  • And what do staff members think would be best to realize change?

  • Which areas or departments should be on top of the list?

Strategic sessions

A people-centred focus promotes the successful transformation your firm seeks. This means prioritizing your employee’s experience to change.


Our strategic sessions


  • Equip leaders and managers with a people-centred approach to well navigate the transition towards a more inclusive and equitable environment. 


  • We incorporate the findings of the 360 assessment into all internal communication about why inclusion and equity are called for and how they reflect the input of the entire workforce. 

Anti-bias training

Biased behaviour festers a culture from within. And many women are prone to negative partiality, which evidently works against them.

The primary goal is to foster mutual accountability, responsibility and respect; a goal every member of staff is eager to achieve.


  • We challenge leaders and managers to be more vulnerable, transparent and honest about their tackling their prejudiced thinking.

  • We deliver leading practices for managers to deal with biased situations on the spot and in full cooperation with their teams.

  • We raise your teams’ awareness of the communication cues that express negative judgements toward women in the workplace.

  • We explain how to address biased conduct in both formal and informal encounters.

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