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Transform your company culture

Stella Tersteeg Consultancy reshapes work cultures to become more inclusive and equitable for their female workforce

International collaborations


Why your firm needs it


Women who feel included are proactive team members. Intrinsic volition to participate leads to faster, more efficient and higher-quality results.

Lacking corporate culture

Forcing equity- and inclusion-related initiatives from the top down has proven to stimulate resistance rather than acceptance and tolerance.

Unmotivated and unsatisfied staff

Undervalued women leave, burn out or underperform. Costly, wasteful and detrimental for the overall  atmosphere.

"I thought it was such a valuable and insightful session together with my team. Stella knows exactly which questions to ask and how to stimulate interesting and meaningful discussions. I got to know my colleagues on an even deeper level. The session has helped us to create a safer work environment for women in a masculine organization."

N. Massrour, Sergeant, Royal Dutch Marine


Put an end to complex policy-making, fruitless focus groups, and woke washing. Stella Tersteeg Consultancy supports your firm to become the employer that attracts and retains the most valuable female staff.

360° assessments to identify bottlenecks and challenges

Inclusion is a group effort. All employees are partly responsible to maintain an inclusive and equal work environment. We align with staff from all levels within the organization to identify expectations and needs. We show where the shoe pinches.

Strategy sessions for management to drive change

All have to be on the same page for organizational transformations to be successful. Inclusifying your firm comes with intense change. We support leaders and managers in effectively communicating the why and the how so that everyone is on board.

Bias-free workplace training for teams, managers and leaders

Addressing biased behaviour is uncomfortable and confronting. You can handle this internally. It saves money but it puts work relations at stake too. Delegate this delicate task to us. We equip your staff and management with leading practices to anticipate conflict or confrontation.

Reap the benefits

Prioritize the inclusion of your female workforce to drive innovation and growth.

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Stay ahead. Inclusive environments foster the ambition and the drive that enable growth and innovation.


Committed leaders allow changes to stick. Positive dedication inspires all employees to embrace transformation.


Employers who prioritize equal respect, reward and appreciation enjoy the highest retention rates.

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